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Updated: May 10, 2020

I've driven my split screen camper van for over 20 years now, and as much as i've always loved it, it had a niggling little problem that no amount of repairs or restoration could solve. Anyone who has driven one will know, they have an "air conditioner" box in the roof of the cab. Basically this is an air vent that has a flap you can open or close to direct fresh air into the van. Unfortunately as with a lot of 50+ year old design, it's not that great! If you drive over a certain speed, even if the flap is closed wind whistles through. At best it's an irritating noise, at worst, it's icy cold and if it rains in a certain direction, some gets in to the cab!

On Saturday one of the greatest things i've ever purchased for my van arrived in the post from Autowares.

Autowares have designed these amazing new magnetic vent covers. They fit perfectly, as you can see in the photos, they look pretty much standard with a mesh design printed on them, super easy to fit and remove, no clips needed as they're magnetic!

The best bit - no cold air whistles through anymore, even at high speeds. I tested these out on a wedding, and they didn't budge on a very windy rainy day.

I wish these had existed years ago, and they're so much cheaper than most split screen van parts. Seriously, if you own a van, you need these.

Autowares is a new company, and there are many more products to come, but they do already have a nice selection of other bits, our fave is this vintage style 7UP sticker, period perfect.

Check out the store today, great quality and perfect design.


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