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The White Van Wedding Company is a family owned and run business. We may be small, but this means we offer a first class service and our attention to detail is second to none.
You are our number one priority and we will do our best to accommodate any special requirements you may have, so don't be afraid to ask.
We only take on one booking a day, so you can be assured we will not rush you. If your booking runs a little over the 4 hour hire slot, no problem, we will not charge you extra, so that's one less worry on your wedding day.

Whatever style wedding you're planning, whether it is Vintage, Boho, Rustic, Hippy or Festival, our split screen or bay window wedding camper van offers a fun alternative to your average wedding vehicle. Our unique wedding cars are guaranteed to attract waves and smiles. 

Choose colours to match your theme!

If you're a vintage Volkswagen fan, love anything retro and want to turn heads on your special day, hire on of our chauffeur driven, fully restored VW wedding campervans, as featured in Vogue, Kent Bride, Brides, London Bride, Vintage Life, Hayburner, Rock n Roll Bride and Volksworld magazines. 

The Volkswagen split screen van was derived from the VW Beetle, the initial prototype built on a Beetle floorpan and was produced from 1950 until 1967. It was a very versatile vehicle, used as the first delivery vans, mini buses and campervans.

Of course these little old vintage vehicles were eventually replaced by faster, more comfortable successors. But who doesn't love a camper, popular with young and old, an iconic symbol of the 60s, hippies and the summer of love. Even those of us who weren't around back then recognise them instantly.

Today the VW Bus hasn't lost any of it's versatility. Our '65 split screen and '70 bay window wedding cars can be customised with decorations of your choice to suit whatever civil ceremony or wedding theme you have chosen.

We have owned Georgie our unusual VW camper van for over 20 years, and had it professionally restored in 2010 to the highest standard, including a full bare metal respray by an Aston Martin paint shop. 




Mechanically it is almost a new car, including uprated Porsche disc brakes, a BRAND NEW engine (2017) & gearbox.


Our wedding camper van also boasts an original oak Devon interior, oozing 60s charm, with a quirky addition of a mini pick n mix sweet bar in case you get peckish on your journey.


The amazing quality of workmanship meant it was invited to display indoors at the National Volksworld Show, and was also featured in their magazine, an achievement only the very best VWs attain. Check out the Gallery for the full article. Rest assured, no expense has been spared with our beloved VW camper, and it is always maintained and valeted to the very best standards.

In 2019, our camper was so popular and we became so busy with wedding car hire that we decided on a new addition to the family. A convertible Beetle... however a gorgeous white camper van popped up on Facebook the week we took out a loan and... Jimi became our new vehicle. So much for plans! Jimi the 1970 bay window camper van is almost exactly the same colour as Georgie, and just as pretty. He didn't need such an extensive restoration as he was imported from California, where he'd had an easy life in the sun. This van has never been welded! (rare for a 50 year old car) However, we did give him a brand new engine and exhaust system, after his original went bang in a spectacular way just a couple of weeks after purchase! (Don't worry, this wasn't on a wedding, this was during his test "settling in" phase while we were ironing out all the problems!) He has stunning cream and white leatherette seating, his original "Westfalia Weekender" wood panelling and can be decorated with the same ribbon and flower garlands. Why not hire both and get a little VW convoy going?! 

Both our vans can also be hired as camper photo booths, Jimi has a slight advantage here being larger inside, so you can fit more people in.

Georgie & Jimi

If you're still undecided about your wedding car hire, why not arrange a private appointment with us to view our VW camper vans, we know you won't be disappointed, the photos don't quite capture just how shiny these beauties are.

Make a grand entrance on your big day with these outstanding unusual and quirky wedding cars.



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