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Super 8 Retro Style Wedding Films

I recently received an email from Samuel Franklin, a student who has a keen interest in Super 8 filming, and would like to get some more experience using this type of media for weddings, and is offering this service at a low price for this reason. Check out what he has to say below, and some examples of his work.

Your Wedding on Super 8 Film


My name is Samuel Franklin, and having just completed my A-levels, I am planning on continuing my studies doing an undergraduate degree in Film and Television Studies at the University of Bristol. For a few years now, I’ve carried a passionate interest in celluloid film photography and videography. For those unaware what this is, the easiest example of where film is used is in disposable cameras.

I started my journey into film using a Pentax K100, a SLR camera, to take photos of my friends, and soon moved to doing gig photography for local bands and shooting Super 8 films. I’ll attach some examples of my work onto the end of this letter. Currently, I have only shot one super 8 film, but I am in the process of shooting two others. One is a personal one, documenting key events of my last summer at home before university and the other, I was hired to shoot to document a series of gigs and studio sessions of a local band. From this, I have learnt a lot about shooting these types of films and am eager to continue learning through my creation of them.

This leads into why I am writing to you today. A super 8 film, in my opinion, through its heavily stylised feel gives an extremely personal and intimate insight into an event, unable to be captured through any other medium. This is why, I feel a super 8 would be a perfect way to document to the build-up to a wedding ceremony and the ceremony itself. This is a service I want to offer to you. As any weddings I shoot on super 8 over summer would be my first, I am offering a very low price compared to how much the product is worth, largely only just to cover production expenses. The result you would be left with, would a unique way to remember one of the most special days of your life, through a three-minute video set to a song of your choice and I will work closely with you to ensure that the moments you want captured are.

If this is an idea that excites you and you would like to have it done, or wish to discuss it more, please contact me through either a phone call or by dropping me an email.

 Phone Number: 07398 755875

Email Address:

These first two photos are scans of a couple frames from my first super 8 roll. I am unable to include any frames of my current two projects as they are yet to be developed however some of the film photos I have included were shot alongside them. If you would like to watch my first super 8, I have attached the link here: