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The most eye catching wedding car decoration

Our vans are customisable! They’re the perfect blank canvas. The off white paint matches any wedding colour scheme. Choose from our vast range of wedding car decoration.

The best wedding car decoration

Included with with every package as standard is your choice of either WHITE or any other colour ribbon and bows listed at the bottom of the page.

But that’s not all… you can also choose from a variety of artificial wedding flower garlands to adorn the bumper and interior of the van. Of course, if you prefer you can opt for a more minimal look. It’s entirely up to you. Customise away!

Wedding Car Floral Decoration

Choose any of the artificial flower garlands pictured here to decorate the van, as well as your choice of ribbon and bows. All at no extra cost. Cooler than the average vintage wedding car decoration!

1. Peony

2. Pink & White Roses

3. Summer Brights

4. Meadow Colours

5. Cream & White Wildflower

6. Lilac Wildflower

7. Cream & White Roses

8. Pink & Burgundy

9. Woodland Fairytale

10. Blues & Daisies

11. Christmas Special

12. Sunflower

13. Warm Jewel

14. Hydrangea

15. Purple Roses

16. Bright Pink

17. 70s Boho

18. Deep Reds

Ribbon Colour Chart