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9 Quirkiest Photo Booths

Shout out to Jason Moody from for this very informative piece on all the different types of photo booth options out there. Who knew there were so many!? Obviously we offer the hire of our camper booths, but for the others, contact Jason. The Del Boy van is our absolute fave!

He also offers Candy Floss carts

and best of all, Funfair Hire. One of my friends hired a carousel for her wedding a few years ago and it was just amazing, unforgettable. I’m actually a bit of a vintage funfair geek myself, and try to visit the few vintage places still around in the UK – Dingles, and Dreamland in Margate in particular. If I could afford some Dodgems I would, sadly I have to console myself with vintage arcade games and pinball. Love my toys!

9 Quirkiest Photo Booths

Photo booths, like many of our entertainment offerings, first put an appearance in over the pond with our American cousins. The first booths popping up in the UK were in many cases homemade. Basically, wooden boxes with a laptop, webcam and an inkjet printer.

Gradually they moved towards what is pretty much a standard set up now, of DSLR camera, high speed dye sublimation printer and sophisticated booth software allowing customisation of the prints, green screening, and other fancy effects.

The basic booths, other than a little tinkering with the design and presentation stayed pretty much this way, until someone had the bright idea of installing a booth into something more exciting than a box.

Nowadays you can choose from a selection of classic vehicles, items such as a red telephone box, even a wild west stagecoach. We look at 9 of the most popular options for your events if you want to move away from a dull booth in a box;

  1. 1. Classic VW Camper Van.

One of the world’s most iconic vehicles, beloved of the hippy generation, the free loving flower power crowd, with a surfboard strapped to the roof, heading towards the golden Californian coast. Take a camper, install a booth system and you have a fabulous alternative to the post office passport style booth. This is something that not only gives you the full photo booth experience but looks stunning at your wedding or party.

cars for weddings kent
  1. 2. London Black Cab

Available in more colours than black, this was one of the first vehicles to be fitted with a booth. The ready availability of cabs coming off service in London, and the ease of converting them into a photo booth make them a perfect candidate. A truly iconic British vehicle, they are popular at events with a Great Britain theme. Some of them resprayed in Old English white, a classic bridal colour, are doing the rounds at outdoor weddings.

  1. 3. Classic Mini Cooper

Another classic British vehicle, a touch on the small side, but still capable of taking 4-5 guests. Usually the front seats are removed and a computer system shoehorned in. Having the printer in the boot is a popular option, to make best use of the space. The British Racing Green model pictured is modelled on the Italian Job film, the original with Michael Caine, not the misguided remake. The sound effects and famous “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off” clip add a touch of fun.

  1. 4. Del Boy Trotter 3 Wheeled Van

This is possibly one of the most unique vehicle booths on the market. Built into an actual working Reliant Regal Supervan MkIII (contrary to popular opinion, Del never drove a Reliant Robin). This comes with themed props, think Triggers broom, Grandad’s hat, even a canary in a cage (you really need to be a fan to understand that one). Add in the sound effects, and you would have to be a plonker not to appreciate this.

  1. 5. Wild West Stagecoach

Take a full-sized wild west stagecoach, a la John Wayne, add in a booth system, cowboy music, some guns and a couple of guys in Stetsons and you have another unique and quirky booth. When you see this, it makes you realise just how tough they were in the old West, imagine 1200 miles in this with a band of Apaches on your tail. Again, the props are themed to the booth rather than being the usual selection of hats and wigs. Cowboy hats, an Indian headdress, 6 shooters, even a stick of dynamite. Though it turned out not to be a good idea to give the guests the blank firing guns loaded with blanks after one guy decided to fire his in the booth. It took nearly 20 minutes for him to stop shaking. Yeehaaa.

  1. 6. Indian Tuk Tuk

The cute little rickshaws you come across on holiday in Thailand or similar make a cracking little booth. This was intended for the Asian market but has proven super popular for western weddings. Usually when the couple have met and fallen in love somewhere abroad where they used tuk tuks as taxis. The name by the way comes from the sound the 2-stroke engine makes. The version pictured was actually a taxi in the state of Gujerat, before having the engine and fuel tank stripped out (the fuel tank on this particular model, was a gas tank under the driver’s seat, talk about sitting on a bomb).

  1. 7. Red Telephone Box

Yup, a booth in a classic red telephone box. True it is a bit smaller than many booths; 3-4 people are about its limit (depending on their size of course), but it does have a trick up its sleeve. By leaving the door open it allows group shots, although it does take a bit of positioning to get them all in. Another nice touch is the matching letterbox. This is where the prints come out, and not for posting letters, as one elderly gentleman found to his chagrin on a job for Ikea. Seems he had gone home and made a trip back specially to post his mail, being as Ikea was closer than his local post office.

  1. 8. Giant Snow Globe

This one isn’t strictly a photo booth, more of a photo prop. It’s a giant version of the little glass globes you would shake as a kid to make the snow inside swirl around. This version is big enough for groups of people to use. Filled with artificial snow for the guests to throw around, along with Christmassy props and decoration it tends to be super busy in December, and then packed away for the rest of the year.

Whereas most booths use a fully automatic system to take the photos, process them and print the finished image. The globes use an external photographer to take the shots, then usually another operator at a print station to select a photo and finish the printing.

  1. 9. Green Screen

Although these don’t look anywhere near as impressive as the other booths, the end results can be fabulous. The guests are pictured in front of a blank green cover. The computer system then removes all of the green colour and replaces it with, whatever you choose. Your guests can be under the sea, on the moon, in a Harry Potter movie. The possibilities are endless. The set ups also allow for bigger groups to be pictures than you can get in a typical vehicle booth, so are great for team shots. Just make sure though that if its a corporate event you are planning, your staff aren’t all dressed in green uniforms. If they are you will end up with pictures of lots of floating heads. We know, we have seen it happen.

Whichever booth you go for, they are far more fun that the typical ‘booth in a box’. These not only act as a photo booth, but they become a talking point at your event. Remember, anything you do now is on Instagram within 5 seconds, making an impression for today’s social media savvy generation takes some doing.