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Surviving The Wedding Toast

Hi, Eira here, of the imaginatively-named, Eira Thomas Professional Hypnotherapy. I offer online hypnotherapy, available to anyone living within the UK. The White Van Wedding Company have kindly allowed me to talk to you here about what I do, so I thought it only fair that I try and give you something useful. 

Hypnotherapy utilises hypnosis to bring about the client’s desired positive changes. The therapist induces a state of focused attention, after which, carefully worded suggestions can be made, implementing those changes. Hypnotherapy can be used for all sorts of issues, not just the obvious quit smoking and weight loss. Many people come to me for help with public speaking nerves, be it for job interviews, presentations, or wedding speeches. 

Many people are daunted at the prospect of standing up in front of a room full of wedding guests. If you are one of those people, hypnotherapy can help. Through positive suggestion, self-confidence can be boosted, and anxieties reduced, allowing you to feel calm and relaxed. And most importantly, you get to enjoy giving your speech on this special day. 

But, there’s also plenty that you can do to prepare yourself:

  • Record Yourself

Video yourself giving your speech and write down all the things you liked about it. This will be a great confidence boost and allow you to make positive adjustments to your speech. 

  • Practice

Make sure your speech is written in plenty of time, and practice as often as you can. Do so in front of a friendly audience where mistakes don’t matter. Familiarity with the words will boost your confidence. 

  • Dutch Courage?

Don’t drink too much before the speeches. It may help you feel less inhibited but it will show in your speech, and you are likely to regret it later. Also, avoid too much caffeine before hand. As it is a stimulant it can exacerbate any nerves. 

  • Positive Mental Imagery 

Take the time to visualise yourself delivering your speech confidently and successfully. Use all of your imagination skills and all of your senses to really put yourself in that place. If any negatives sneak into your visualisation, replace them with an idea of how you would like things to go. This is a powerful technique used regularly in hypnotherapy. 

  • Pause and Breathe

If you find yourself speaking too fast, then just pause. Take a moment to breathe and relax. You can even plan pauses into your speech. Write the word PAUSE in capital letters between the paragraphs. At each pause, take a conscious breath. This is also a good opportunity to have a sip of water. 

  • Appear Confident

If you look confident, you will feel confident. Our body language has a huge impact on the impression we give. Stand up straight. Maintain eye contact with the audience – but don’t stare! Glance around the room, catching the eye of different guests. Hand gestures suggest confidence, and give the hands something to do. Smile! Remember, this is a happy day!

  • Mistakes Happen

Finally, be prepared for mistakes. They happen. Reacting awkwardly to a mistake can make the guests feel uncomfortable, which will make you feel uncomfortable. It’s much better to react with humour – be prepared to laugh at yourself. Perhaps have a joke prepared for this eventuality: “I was just testing to see if you guys were all listening” is a great diffusor. 

I hope you find this useful, and all the best for the big day, Eira.

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